TC Claims 4 Georgia Movie Academy Awards

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"46" by Jarrell/Hartley Team (8th Grade) Best Picture

"Just Takes One" by Harris Team (&th Grade) Best Cinematography

"Women Showing the Courage to Lead" by Lockhart Team (7th Grade) Best Teaching and Learning

"Ryan White Had the Courage to Lead" by Carr Team (High School) Best Picture



Taylor County Schools sent four teams to the Georgia Movie Academy Awards Program at Kennesaw State University on April 22, and each team returned with an "Oscar." The competition, sponsored by the Educational Technology Training Center, was open to teams from across Georgia, with each team making a two minute movie using computers and movie editing software. Each movie had to focus on the theme "The Courage to Lead." Three teams from Taylor County Middle School participated.

Featured at the award program was the 8th grade team coached by Stacy Jarrell and Ken Hartley. The team of Brittani, Callie, Sarah, and Kali received the Best Picture Oscar for Middle School. Their movie was about David Smith, one of Taylor County's star football players. David, who is hearing impaired, inspired the school and community with his courage and ability. When the movie was shown and the team received their award, David was introduced and received a standing ovation from the crowd. After the ceremony, David was surrounded by audience members wanting his autograph.

Rebekah, Amy, Rick, and Elizabeth, 7th graders coached by Katie Harris, won Best Cinematography for their film about school bullying.

Terrie Lockhart's 7th grade team, consisting of Breanna, Caresse, Jonquez, and Colby, won Best Teaching and Learning for their movie about women in leadership.

Representing Taylor County High School, Lisa Carr's team of Ashley, Josh, Pam, Chris, and Anna won Best Picture for their movie about Ryan White

The Taylor County teams were supported by a large group of parents and friends who traveled to Atlanta for the awards program. It was a wonderful night for Taylor County Schools at the Georgia Movie Academy Awards.

Stacy Jarrell & Ken Hartley's Team- Sarah, Callie Ann, Kali, & Brittani with David - Win Best Picture for "46"


Katie Harris' Team- Rick, Rebekah, & Amy- Win Best Cinematography for "Just Takes One"


Terri Lockhart's Team- Breanna & Caresse - Win Best Teaching and Learning for "Women Showing the Courage to Lead"


Lisa Carr's Team - Ashley - Win Best Picture (High School) for "Ryan White Had the Courage to Lead"



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